Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Featured Fighter: Nestor "Pons" Ponce of Team VPF

Here is Pons' match against James Baldwin, one of his three wins on the way to bagging the silver medal in the U65kg Blue Belt division of the Pan-Asian BJJ Championships 2009.

Pons had been out of action for over a year and had returned to training only a few months before this competition. After undergoing a knee surgery for the first time in his life, this is also Pons' first tournament after having his knee repaired.

Pons' gameplan is a classic example of strategy, adaptation, discipline, humility and courage applied in our beloved sport of Jiu-jitsu.

To date, he has won 17 matches via his signature submission, "The Birdbar" or "The Pons" only this time, he executes it from a half-guard sequence instead of a takedown sequence to adjust his game and accommodate his recovering knee.

Humble as he is, he will always claim that he is not that good anymore because of his surgery, but like all his team mates say, "THE PONS NEVER LEFT!!!"


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Anonymous said...

your game sucks, you can't even defend the crossface. anyone doing the knee slice pass on you will eat you alive.