Monday, May 18, 2009

Feature Story: Team VPF's Gully Go visits Paraestra in Japan.

Here are some pictures of Gully's trip to Japan and the Paraestra Gyms, below is a small write up he made for all of us. ENJOY, GUYS!

Paraestra Visit by Gully Go

During my family vacation in Tokyo, I had a chance to roll at Paraestra Gyms in Koga and Koiwa. The guys I had an opportunity to meet at Paraestra were a mix of brown belts, All-Asia BJJ champions, MMA competitors, Kettle Bell instructors, Judo players, female purple belts and casual (but dangerously slick) jiujitsu aficionados. They were all very welcoming and accommodating; no pretentious attitude or egos here. I was unable to attend the full sessions, so I missed the lessons but was able to spar instead. That was a tremendous learning experience, and was well worth the train commute to the gyms.

A fellow pinoy BJJ practioner, Ramil Tolentino (three-stripe bluebelt), was kind enough to introduce me to his teammates there. After which he so generously footlocked and choked me during sparring. J Ramil gave me some tips on proper Japanese mat etiquette, open-guard entry and a Monson choke (which I still have to work on). If any of you are headed to Tokyo, let us know so we can link you up with Ramil.

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