Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quick Results: ROLLAPALOOZA 2

G: Angelo Gayanelo (VPF)
S: Chris Caangay (Strike & Shoot)
B: Jhonel Faelnar (VPF)

G: Carl Sabeniano (Hybrid Yawyan)
S: Aldo Vergel de Dios (VPF)
B: Mike Lim (Team Fabricio)

G: Kyle Kapunan (Gracie Barra Philippines)
S: Henson Gosiaco (VPF)
B: Adrian Guggenheim (VPF)

G: L.A. Sulit (VPF)
S: Rico Mascenon (VPF)
B: G.P. Dela Cruz (JMC MMA)

G: Bryan Lim (Team Fabricio)
S: Jun Gayoso (Team Fabricio)
B: Vicente Pajaro (Hybrid Yawyan)

G: Cat de Leon (VPF)
S: Kathy Duque (VPF)
B: Jonna Baquillas (Team Fabricio)

G: Bryan Lim (Team Fabricio)
S: Mark Vergel (Alliance Fight Club)
B: Ricky Gamboa (VPF)

Most Technical Fighter: Kyle Kapunan (Gracie Barra Philippines)



. : DRAGORO : . said...

A big round of applause for the participating teams. Congratulations to the organizers for concluding a successful event :)

Hey Carlo, I'm waiting for any email from you soon.

Be well guys.

Anonymous said...

Ang galing talga ng site na to! Ang bilis ng update!

Congrats to all the participants and winners. And Good job to the organizers. I was at the event yesterday and ok talaga. Walang lamangan, LAHAT BIDA! Ok yung officiating, fair at walang lutuan.

Can't wait for the next one sa March!

Rey Sumayao said...

To Rollapalooza organizers:

Thanks for putting up this event for the practitioners in the Philippines. The spirit of the sport is truly promoted.

Excellent officiating by sir ali and sir ralph.

Can't wait for Rollapalooza 3. Do you have plans of having divisions for more experienced practitioners?

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Thanks for the kind words. Rollapalooza 3 on March 22 will be open to all skill levels!

rollapalooza said...

Hey Dragoro, thanks for the comments!

Rey Sumayao, we'll be having another competition very soon!