Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mike Fowler Grappling Workshop Seminar Report

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the Mike Fowler workshop seminar yesterday night at the ADMU College Covered Courts. The workshop touched on takedowns and submission techniques catering to both Judo and Jiu-jitsu stylists.

Team VPF, UP Judo, Newbreed BJJ, Ateneo Judo Association, YACAP (Youth Athletics Christian Advancement Program) Foundation, Hybrid Yawyan and Gracie Barra Philippines were all represented, amounting to a total of over 40 participants!

It was great to see members of different teams get on the same mat to learn from an accomplished competition grappler such as Mike Fowler. We would also like to make special thanks to Coach Wowel Jingco of UP Judo and Jaime Sin of K-1 Extreme Fight Shop.

Mike Fowler and the organizers of the workshop seminar value your support of our events. Your continued involvement will allow us to hold similar events in the future. Again, thank you for being so willing to help speed up the growth of the sport in the Philippines!!!

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