Monday, November 24, 2008


Hold on to your seats for the pilot episode of our newest program called [MACKYVISION], only here at!!!


Anonymous said...

more of the fighter pic pls. especially the winners / champions .

thank you

rollapalooza said...

Just check back often sir, we'll have all the content served up for you in the coming week. We're just preparing the content for our viewers. Thanks for the comment.


Anonymous said...

rollapalooza - great blogging/site for Philippine MMA, always up to date,videos/ pics and all,your work means a lot to the local MMA community------- THANK YOU SIR!!!

rollapalooza said...

Thanks for the kind words sir!

We're just getting warmed up with our content, check back for all our interviews and footage at URCC13 and the upcoming 2008 Asian BJJ Championships this weekend at the Budo-kan in Tokyo, Japan.

You won't want to miss what we've got lined up!!!

Anonymous said...

TBH pinoy mma is very amateur.. Lock of Skills and weak body armour.. Wu shu players are semi proz, i think chinese businessman here in pinas send them to china b4 to train. check out the fight of mark vs china players at art of war URCC, TKO siya.. Si folayang vs Jerry of Yaw Yan omg 6 sec... Si Roy of wu shu vs yaw yan, nahuli na kamay ni roy naka bwelta pa siya, THAT IS THE SKILL.. Si baduria sobrang bilis lang TKO na.. gusto ko sana makita si pacman na nag iisang mapagmamalaki ng pinas kung lumaban sa MMA anu kaya mangyayari lol

Anonymous said...

What the hell is body armour??