Monday, April 27, 2009

Rollapalooza 3: SUPREMACY Competition Information



take downs - 2 pts
knee on belly - 2 pts.
passing the guard - 3 pts
full mount - 4 pts.
rear mount - 4 pts.

advantage points will be given to attacks/attempts that were clearly defended by your opponent.

Submissions allowed:

wristlocks (on the ground)
armlocks (twisting or straight)
shoulder locks
straight footlocks
toeholds (mata leo on foot)
knee bars
body locks/chokes

Submissions & techniques not allowed:

neck and spine cranks
standing wristlock
heel hooks
small joint manipulation (fingers & toes)
suplex above the hips
slamming your opponent when he has guard, armbar or triangle on you
slamming your opponent backwards when he has rear mount on you

Weight Divisions (Men's):

Featherweight: 139.9 and below
Lightweight: 140 - 159.9 lbs.
Middleweight: 160 - 179.9 lbs.
Cruiserweight: 180 - 199.9 lbs.
Heavyweight: 200 lbs. and over

There will be a Women's division as well. Weight classes will depend on the number of entries.

Registration is from May 11-13, 2009 4:00-9:00PM at the Judo Room, Blue EagleGym, Ateneo de Manila University. Registration fee is P500 only.

We will accept entries on the same day (May 17) from 7:00AM to 8:00AM only. Registration fee then will be P800.



Anonymous said...

why are there toeholds, knee bars and leglocks?

i thought this was for beginners?

Anonymous said...

This one's not or beginners anymore.

As announced before, Rollapalooza will hold a beginners tourney at least once or twice a year. Then one na advanced, then one na superfights or team survival.

For Rollapalooza 3: Supremacy, the best are invited to bring it on! :)

Anonymous said...

This one's not FOR beginners anymore.... (sorry, typo)

Anonymous said...

So will this be a mixed class competition or will there be categories (like beginner, intermediate, advance)?

Anonymous said...

this is mixed. no more categories. just weight classes and medals for each weight class...