Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's talk about Referees

- I would like to encourage a productive and healthy discussion about referring at comps.

- We are very happy to hear your feedback and answer any questions in regards to rules, interpretation of the rules, point scoring etc.

- We would also like to see more people get involved in this critical area, more competitors need to understand the complexities of the rules not just the point scoring system and put their hand up to help out. If we are able to cope adequately at competitions we need more your help.

So let’s talk in the open, please provide your name and club when you make a comment.

Stephen Kamphuis
For more, please visit the "Let's talk about Referees" FORUM at


Gully said...

this helps. newbies and experienced grapplers can learn more about rules and details of advantages/penalties etc.

good move to making future matches more comprehensible

Anonymous said...

i completely agree. it's very good of mr. kamphuis to put up open communication on this very important aspect of the game. not to prove who's wrong or right, but to stress that the rules are not as easy as it seems it is but with everyone's cooperation, awareness and understanding, could make us all better competitors and spectators.

Anonymous said...

has he seen the video which he officiated the match of jr vs the american dude?

i wonder what his take on it after seeing it.

if the refs made a mistake - thats normal. but i hope they also admit this. wouldnt think less of a ref that does admit his mistake