Saturday, December 27, 2008

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From it's inception up to present, team SPRAWL has been relentless in sending its warriors to the biggest mixed martial arts, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu events in the country. Breeding top class fighters through the years, SPRAWL has indeed become a major player in the growth and advancement of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in the Philippines.

It doesn't stop there though. From its humble beginnings in the mats of the martial arts room in UP Vanguard Building, SPRAWL has already expanded into numerous gyms in the metro and even beyond. With a mean roster of fighters under its belt, team SPRAWL is definitely here to stay and to reach new heights even. See you on the mats!


Anonymous said...

comment which I read from youtube:

Filipinos here are undertrained and overmatched by the chinese. I think they need some serious mma training coz they lack good techniques, skills and athletic abilities for this kind of sport. They should start training and competing full-time if they want to improved.


SPRAWL said...


That's true. Case in point, URCC 7 "The Art of War". All Chinese fighters who flew in the country defeated all their filipino opponents. Most were won in very dominating fashion even. But the Philippines is a young MMA country still in my opinion. Moreover, the sport is not yet well embraced by its citizens, which poses a significant problem, I think. I do have high hopes though for the success of MMA here in the near future. So for now, I guess we'll just have to do our little parts to make that happen. :) Kudos to!

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