Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two more featured matches from DOMINACAO ABSOLUTA

First is a epic see-saw battle of two more young guns from the juniors division. As with most DOMINACAO ABSOLUTA matches, there is no stalling whatsoever in this high-intensity contest so be sure not to miss the exciting action:

Eros Baluyot, Carlson Gracie Team competitor and son of Paranaque Wrestling Club coach Alan Baluyot, going against Robert Go, 14 year-old brother of Team VPF BROWN belt and one of the premiere grapplers in the Philippines today Ralph Go.

The second contest is a match of two most technical fighter awardees in a conflict of opposing-ly different styles:

Carl Sabeniano of Hybrid Yawyan faces off against Carlos Tiongson of Submission Sport Philippines in exciting NO GI action.

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